Dedicated to preserving and enhancing San Francisco's rich biodiversity and increasing public appreciation of our native wildlife


San Francisco Rescued Orphan Mammal Program provides care to San Francisco's injured and orphaned wild mammals with the goal of returning a healthy individual back to the wild for independence. We are a community supported volunteer organization, licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game.

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San Francisco ROMP provides a much-needed alternative to the pest control companies that prefer trapping and less humane methods. We will provide you with sound biological information as well as recommendations, which can exclude animals from areas where they are causing a problem, or deter the undesirable behavior.

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Photo courtesy of Anna Kuperberg

We strongly encourage you to check out this new local wildlife film, San Francisco - Still Wild At Heart, "a compelling and lyrical one-hour film about the arrival of coyotes to San Francisco and urban America. The film pursues the coyote story across the national landscape - to New York City, Chicago, and rural West Marin County - to explore the impact of coyotes on our developed ecosystems, and the ways we can coexist with them safely. Through beautiful and original footage of city wildlife - quail, raccoons, opossums, herons, and escaped South American parrots - the film is an unabashed celebration of urban nature, nature, and its value an importance to our human communities."

To learn more about this wonderful film by local producer and editor, Melissa Peabody, and to purchase DVDs, visit the project website (or click here):