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I have found an animal that needs help. What do I do?

Getting injured or orphaned wildlife to a wildlife care center as soon as possible will increase the animal's chance of survival.

Is this baby bird or mammal really orphaned? Does it need my help?

I've found an injured wild bird. What should I do?

I've found an injured wild mammal. What should I do?

Please contact your local Animal Control or Humane Society if you find a wild animal in distress and cannot safely rescue it yourself.

To find a wildlife rehabilitation center near you, visit the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitation.

The National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association lists wildlife rehabilitation centers nationally.

Wildlife Care is provided by volunteer, non-profit organizations. Donations toward wildlife care are truly appreciated!

If you need further help, call our wildlife hotline (415) 350-WILD or email
A wildlife damage control specialist will help you. Our hotline is funded with donations from people who prefer a humane solution to their problems. Please help us keep this service available to all!